Ed Clements

Email Address: 
Home Town: 
Bay City, Michigan
Home Water: 
Saginaw Bay/River
High School Career Preparation Coordinator
Cooking, Fitness, Sports, Tournament Fishing
Michigan Walleye Tour, MWC
Career Highlights: 
2012 Michigan Walleye Tour 2nd Place State Championship; 2012 Michigan Walleye Tour Saginaw Bay 2nd Place; 2011 and 2012 Saginaw River Fall Classic Winner. 2010 Michigan Walleye Tour 1st Place and 2nd Place finishes. 2010 MWC Saginaw Bay 13th place. 2009 FLW Walleye League 7th Place. 2008 MWC Saginaw Bay 9th place. 2008 FLW League Saginaw Bay 11th place. 2007 Michigan Walleye Tour Team of the Year. 2007 MWT Augres Qualifier 3rd Place. 2005 GNWC Team of the Year. 2005 GNWC Hubbard Lake Qualifier 1st Place; 2005 GNWC Saginaw Bay Qualifier 1st Place; 2005 GNWC State Championship 2nd Place.
When open water trolling for suspended walleyes always set a line running high in the water column. Walleyes will often suspend in the top three feet. Fish this high in the water column will not show up on electronics; walleyes will spook out to the side of the boat, thus eluding the sonar. This makes using inline planer boards critical; the idea is that the fish spooking out to the side of the approaching boat swim right into the path of your baits.