Team Starcraft Pro Anglers Ed Clements and Ryan Sagady win MWT (Michigan Walleye Tour) Team of the Year title for the second time!


Congratulations goes out to the dynamic duo from Bay City MI, Ed Clements and Ryan Sagady for bringing home the Michigan Walleye Tour Team of the Year title for 2013.  This is their second time receiving this honor.  These two guys are in the hunt at every event they compete in.  They can fish competitively at the highest level whether it be on big water (Great Lakes), reservoirs, inland lake or river systems. They are effective at what they do because they are hard workers dedicating many hours to pre-fishing and networking before each event.  This effort does not only apply to fishing events. They have a strong passion for boating and fishing and this carries over to the effort they make off the water as well.  Ed and Ryan do a great job representing their dealer Rick Valley at AuGres Marine in AuGres Michigan at evey given opportunity such as boat shows, open houses and demo rides.  In addition these two attend Starcraft Marine Dealer Meetings and Sales and Product training meetings throughout the year.  Ed and Ryan represent what being a pro staff angler is all about and we are extremely proud to have both of them on Team Starcraft.

Congratulations once again gentleman on the great honor.  You are the best of the best in Michigan for another year. Great Job!

Please check out the press release below.


Team Starcraft-Greg Yarbrough


July 16, 2013; For Immediate Release


Ed Clements and Ryan Sagady, along with alternate Jon Kruttlin win 2013 Michigan Walleye Tour Team of the Year.


Ed Clements and Ryan Sagady from Bay City, MI along with Jon Kruttlin from Lincoln, MI have been crowned the 2013 Michigan Walleye Tour Team of the Year. This is the second time that Clements and Sagady have won Team of the Year honors; they last did it in 2007.


The Michigan Walleye Tour Schedule for 2013 consisted of three qualifying tournaments and a championship.  The qualifiers were held at Detroit River in April, Holloway Reservoir in May, and Saginaw Bay in July; the championship is scheduled for August 1, 2, and 3 on Thunder Bay in Alpena.  Each tournament is worth points for where a team finishes; 140 points for 1st place, 139 for 2nd and so on.  Clements and Sagady amassed 415 points during the three qualifying tournaments. They bested second place team of Justin Rudy and Mike Huddleston by 25 points. Clements and Sagady's season consisted of a 4th place finish at the Detroit River qualifier, 2nd place at Holloway Reservoir, and 2nd place at Saginaw Bay.  


The Michigan Walleye Tour allows teams to sign up as a three person team with one member being listed as an alternate. Two team members fish each tournament.  "The alternate is one of the best things the MWT has done; it allows us to spread some of the costs, and with having young children some of us cannot commit to doing all the events.  It makes it easier for teams to do an entire circuit when we can take turns fishing," noted Ryan Sagady. Clements and Sagady teamed up for the Detroit River and Holloway Reservoir qualifiers; Clements and Kruttlin fished the Saginaw Bay event; and the team is planning on Sagady and Kruttlin fishing in the championship.


After the Detroit River and Holloway Reservoir tournaments, Clements and Sagady had a seven point lead over second place team Justin Rudy and Mike Huddleston. "It was our ultimate goal going into the Saginaw Bay Tournament to hold onto Team of the Year.  We put in some extra days and effort during prefishing, and it paid off.  It feels great to be the Team of the Year, especially for a second time.  I think we might be the first team to ever win it twice.  We fish hard and put in a lot of time on the water, and to come out on top against some great fisherman is a good feeling.  It also feels especially good to have won this honor fishing out of a Starcraft 180 Freedom Tiller with 90hp Mercury Outboards.  Ryan and I went to the tiller boats a couple of years ago, and it has not held us back one bit.  We can still do everything we want to do as far as fishing.  The Freedom rides great, has lots of room, is stable, and is fast.  Team of the Year this season feels good because we went on our own as a team this year; in the past we have shared information with other teams during prefishing and tournaments.  This year we decided to go at it alone and see how we do.  I think I like it better keeping the information just between the three of us. Each of us have a boat, so we can usually put at least two boats on the water before the tournament," said Clements.  


"I am really happy to have won this a second time; it feels good to be able to share this with our sponsors and supporters and to show them that the effort and funds that they put into us are worth it.  We could not have accomplished this without Starcraft, Mercury, and Augres Marine," added Ryan Sagady.


Some keys to winning Team of the Year noted by both Clements and Sagady are:

Teamwork... We get along very well and have great chemistry in the boat; that is very important. Being on the same page as to what to do when the fishing is tough is crucial.  We have the same philosophy going into tournaments, so it makes it easy to come up with a game plan.

Time on the water... We put as much time as we can before the tourney on the water. We get on the water early and fish late into the evening before a tournament. We treat it like a job almost. A lot of teams don't prefish much, and I think it makes a difference. Each of us has a boat, so we can cover a lot of water and spots before the tournament. 

Experience... Ryan and I have been fishing competitively for 12 years, Jon for 6. There is no substitute for experience. We have been there and done that; when things go wrong there is no panicking; we improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Sponsors... they get us the latest and greatest products, and help us keep a step ahead of the competition. Our biggest support comes from Augres Marine, Starcraft Marine, and Mercury Outboards. Augres Marine keeps our equipment in top shape, rigs our boats to perfection,and if anything breaks down they fix it immediately. Starcraft Marine puts us in the finest fishing boat on the market. Starcraft has a superior hull design, which is tough, and is the best fishing platform. A stable, controllable boat is key to stay on a spot and present your bait to the fish properly. Starcraft also has a great live well system, it is important that our fish stay healthy during the day; there is a penalty for dead fish. In the Starcraft our fish are always alive. Mercury Outboards gets us to our fishing spots every time. The Mercury is fast, quiet, fuel efficient, and reliable. It starts every turn of the key. Having a strong running, reliable outboard is a big factor; if your motor does not run you are not in the game.