Tips and Tricks

"Duplication Situation"

When you are fishing for walleye always remember to duplicate what is working until a pattern is established. Then you can start to change color, size or speed to see which combination will trigger the larger fish in the area. - Trent Lee (Team Starcraft)

"Pull the Trigger"

Giving a burst of speed every now and then will trigger a strike when fishing walleye due to different actions of the lure. - Ben Schmoldt (Team Starcraft)

2 Gulps and your good to go!

When vertical jigging with soft plastics for walleye like Berkley Gulp. Try threading your Gulp minnow up onto the shank of the jig and then lip hook a second one just through the point of the hook. This can be a deadly technique for jigging walleye. - Greg Yarbrough (Team Starcraft)


One of my favorite ways to fish is to use dipseys and worm harnesses. Couple tips that will make you catch some hogs is to always use a black dipsey and use at least a 8-10 ft flouro carbon leader. This should help you catch more fish. - Gary Zart (Team Starcraft)

Fly one high at all times!

When trolling for suspended walleye try keeping one lure high in the water column to see how high the fish are. You won't mark them on the graph, but a lot of times they are there. - Dan Gies (Team Starcraft)

Follow the "S" Curves

When making your first trolling pass over an area make sure to use "S Turns" to see if the fish want a slow or faster presentation. This will also help you figure out if the fish are high or low in the water column. Pay close attention to your sonar. - Nate Seiferlein (Team Starcraft)

High Water!

When trolling open water pay close attention to the top ten foot of the water column. - Jeff Seyka (Team Starcraft)

Reaction Bite!

When trolling for walleye and the catching slows down try speeding up to get a reaction bite. - Matt Davis (Team Starcraft)

Shallow Sand

Always face the sun when fishing shallow water so that your shadow does not appear on the water you are fishing.

Stay focused!

If your fish stop hitting your presentation and the boat next to you starts catching fish don't chase what you think that boat is doing. Stay with what you were doing. The fish will come back and start hitting your bait again. - Shawn Bongers (Team Starcraft)

Surge Protection!!!!!!

When trolling in rough waters, down size weight and lengthen line distance or change inline weights to snap weights to minimize line surge. - Bill Murray (Team Starcraft)

Trust your Electronics

Trust your Depth Finder. It will tell you how deep the water is, the presents of weeds, how hard or soft the bottom is and most important it will tell you if there are fish present. Spend time reading the owner’s manual. - Brian Holmer (Team Starcraft)