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#StarcraftSummerFun Webisode #5 - How to Choose a Propeller for Your Boat

Posted by Matt Spencer

How to choose a propeller for your boat can be a tricky topic. Many people can point out their propeller on their boat, but that's usually about it. When you start asking about pitch, diameter and 3-blade vs. 4-blade they look at you like you're speaking Mandarin. Well the fact of the matter is, is that the person... Read More

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#StarcraftSummerFun Webisode #4 - Pontoon Fishing

Posted by Matt Spencer

At boat shows I see people walk through Starcraft Pontoon Boats I always see the same thing: Dad is looking to fish while Mom wants to relax. Then I get asked "Does this boat have a livewell?" Unless we are talking about a specific fishing pontoon, which Starcraft does have, most of the time there is not a livewell.... Read More

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Tips and Tricks for Fishing with Kids

Posted by Nichole Herendeen

Making lifetime family memories on the water is something that just can’t be beat, and what better way to make some of those memories than fishing with the kiddos out of your Starcraft boat?  For some people, this activity can seem daunting.  I got together with Team Starcraft Pro Fisherman, Greg... Read More

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#StarcraftSummerFun Webisode #3 - Adventures in TV Land

Posted by Matt Spencer

I get asked the same question all of the time: "Hey Matt, do pontoon boats make good TV production boats?" You bet they do! Okay, maybe I don't get asked that question all of the time (or at all really) but I did have a chance recently to show off the versatility of the Starcraft MX 23 LP Pontoon by helping out a... Read More

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#StarcraftSummerFun Webisode #2 - Trailering Your Boat

Posted by Matt Spencer

Your new Starcraft pontoon boat can open you to a whole new world of boating adventures. Sadly enough however, many first time boaters do not leave their own lakes or fear the launch ramp for one reason: they don't know how to trailer their pontoon boat.  Learning how to trailer your boat is really quite simple... Read More

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#StarcraftSummerFun Webisode #1

Posted by Matt Spencer

Hey friends! Matt Spencer here - Starcraft  Marine's resident boater. If you're a fan of Top Gear then you can consider me like their version of The Stig. Only I'm much more talkative and that fire suit gets pretty hot on a boat so I opt for shorts and a tee shirt. My job for this summer is to get out there and... Read More

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School's Still Out, So Now What?: Easy & Fun Pontoon Boat Activities

Posted by Nichole Herendeen

Less than 24 hours after school let out for the summer, you had already heard the inevitable “I’m so bored” comment come from your kid’s mouth, followed swiftly by “there’s nothing to do around here!” You know that’s not true, but hey, to a kid it basically seems like the end of the world when there isn’t... Read More

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