School's Still Out, So Now What?: Easy & Fun Pontoon Boat Activities

Less than 24 hours after school let out for the summer, you had already heard the inevitable “I’m so bored” comment come from your kid’s mouth, followed swiftly by “there’s nothing to do around here!” You know that’s not true, but hey, to a kid it basically seems like the end of the world when there isn’t constantly something new and exciting to do. What’s a parent to do? 

You always can count on the classic lake activities behind the pontoon boat: tubing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, etc., but what elseis there to do on the lake to keep your kids occupied?  Watersports can take up a lot of gas every day, and lots of your time. Take a look at these easy and inexpensive ways to occupy their minds and give them lasting memories of their summers at the lake!

1. Picnic on the Lake : Seems like a pretty old-school idea right? This simple activity can make lunch seem like a fun adventure.  Worried about the kids getting food all over the pontoon boat? Keep it simple and pack mess-free food like PB&J and light colored juice. Finish off with a swim! And hey, mom, surprise the kids and do a cannon ball yourself!


2. Rag-Tag : Okay guys, I’m about to teach you my single favorite lake activity as a kid growing up, and all you need is a rag! We used to ritually play this game when it rained and everyone’s parents would get in on the fun too!  You can play this on shore, at the sandbar, anywhere! Get an old medium size towel and tie a knot in the middle of it. Set a “perimeter” that everyone has to stay in during the game, for example you can’t go beyond the neighbor’s pier.  Then, let the game begin! Whoever’s “it” has to tag another person with the rag (throwing the rag is allowed!), and that person becomes “it”.  It sounds simple I know, but trust me, your kids will love this new activity!


3. Movie Night : Technology allows us to do some pretty amazing things.  Grab a laptop and head out onto the lake for a movie night on the pontoon boat!  Have the kids pick out a movie and their favorite treats. Grab some blankets and pillows and snuggle up for a relaxing evening.  Changing up the venue of a routine activity can help keep the kids engaged.   Oh and by the way, mom and dad?  You could leave the kids at home sometime and turn this into a date night!


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